Protector Mindset

"we must become protectors of ourselves and our loved ones."

What or who is a protector? It’s simple, someone who protects a community, person, family, or property; a mother protecting her children, a father protecting his family; a bodyguard protecting their client, a policewoman protecting the community.

The term Protector usually refers to law enforcement and executive protection personnel (bodyguards). However, it is also sometimes used when referring to the Defender personality type associated with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I’ll use the former term rather than the latter.

What makes a Protector excel at their job is their ability to prevent a bad event, rather than reacting or recovering from one. They’re able to do this by developing various Soft Skills, which include situational awareness, behavior analysis, risk management, and a few others. Once these Soft Skills are ingrained in their minds and become second nature, we say that they have developed a Protector Mindset.

We’re living in an era where violence is increasing rapidly, it is becoming socially acceptable, and in many places, it is now the norm. As a result, we are slowly becoming emotionally desensitized to violence. If we are to have a chance of surviving this rising violence, then we must become protectors of ourselves and our loved ones. You can start by developing a Protector Mindset.

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